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Product intelligence

  • Access a complete market view through one platform

    Using SemanticForce's powerful and simple-to-use dashboard you can segment by media type, volume of discussions, or even social media platforms like TikTok, Youtube or Twitter. This gives you an instant and comprehensive picture of what customers and journalists are saying about your brand or model.
  • Get model-level insights on 100s of unique aspects

  • Stay on top of developing technical issues

  • Receive location level insights to analyse individual dealership performance

  • Keep track of trends and sentiment

App intelligence

  • Monitor car app performance

    SemanticForce allows automotive manufacturers to monitor the performance of their car apps via the platform. Track in real time the discussion of critical issues trawled from every corner of the web including app stores, social networks, blogs and forums, and even messengers. Flag technical issues as they arise, and engage with app users directly through the dashboard.

Market intelligence

  • Receive a complete and holistic picture of your market

    Instantly access a fully holistic picture of your market with insights on star ratings, reviews, sentiments, and more covering both your brand and your competitors. Drill down and get as granular as you need, from brand to model, and even down to model features or model versions.
  • Gain market position insights and benchmark your performance

Marketing, PR & sales

  • Exploit the full potential of influencers with deep social listening

    Discover exactly where the reviews that are gaining the most traction are coming from using SematicForce's powerful deep listening platform. SematicForce tracks everything from social networks, blogs and forums, messengers, dealership sites, and the news, to give you the most accurate and comprehensive picture possible of how your brand is being rated. Gauge how influencers across different locations are interacting with your brand and what kind of word of mouth is being generated. Then segment influencers according to type and create the perfect mix of influencers for your brand and models.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your audience

  • Leverage data driven insights to fine tune your sales strategy

  • Get complete real time coverage of media sources

  • Benchmarking and source analysis

Omnichannel Customer Care

  • Engage directly with your entire audience from one window

    The SemanticForce Omnichannel HelpDesk not only aggregates customer support questions, comments and tickets from a huge range of sources, it also allows your team to respond to them instantly from a single dashboard as soon as they appear.
  • Advanced filtering enables informed triage decisions

  • A holistic view of customers feedback

Threats and alerts

  • Real time dashboard tracking technical issues

    Easily configure SemanticForce to track real time technical issues as they develop. Then customise alerts so you are instantly updated on developments in the technical areas that matter to you, or if there is a spike in volume.
  • Keep your brand safe against ratings attacks and fake domains


Track and analyze media articles, reviews, influencers, communication in messengers in one ecosystem.
Leverage automotive-specific ontologies providing sentiment down to specific brand, category, product or aspect.
Understand nuances of the customer journey including questions, issues, requests and trends.
Build live dashboards using SemanticForce-BI platform. Combine media, consumer and business metrics.
Configure intelligent alerts tailored to structure and channels relevant to your organizations.
Respond swiftly to critical discussions in any channel at a scale leveraging ReplyAnywhere technology.


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