In today's digital landscape, businesses are turning to audience insights to comprehend their audience beyond surface-level social media chatter. Let's have a look at this tool and examine how SemanticForce approaches it.

Apr 15 2024
4 min

Enhance your Pinterest presence with smart social listening and learn to leverage Visual AI for greater engagement and a competitive edge.

Mar 15 2024
4 min
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Through technologies like NLP and machine learning, companies can grasp customer intent across various channels, enabling personalized offerings and improving overall satisfaction.

Dec 13 2023
5 min

In today's data-driven business landscape, understanding the nuances of customer sentiment can be the key to unlocking growth and success.

Nov 17 2023
5 min

Over the years of working with data analytics, we have properly assessed the importance of their correct visualization.

Sep 28 2018
9 min

Every day, more than 1.8 billion images are uploaded to the internet. Photos and visual content are rapidly taking over online media and social networks.

Feb 13 2018
6 min
SemanticForce Retail

After talking with Pocket Book, we continue our series of interviews with our clients. This time we are visiting Tatyana Mokrenko

May 20 2014
4 min
SemanticForce Food-&-Beverages

We visited the office of PocketBook, one of the world's largest manufacturers of multifunctional reading devices

Nov 20 2013
7 min

There is hardly a person who would be surprised at online mass media monitoring; the first such systems emerged as early as in the distant 20th century.

Aug 18 2011
5 min read