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Omnichannel BI

SemanticForce proprietary BI platform allows to collect, process and visualize large data-sets. Raise the level of your market intelligence - filter, search, segment and build reports tailored to your needs. Understand trends, detect patterns and anomalies. Receive timely alerts and act.
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A tool for your whole team

  • Actionable insights for your customer support, R&D, product development, sales, marketing and PR teams

    Filter, search and gain business building insights with SemanticForce's powerful deep listening BI platform. Export data according to filters you select on the dashboard, and enjoy the power of collecting and sharing real time actionable insights with your team. Share market level insights with your boss and product level insights with product managers. Collect reviews and live feedback to create strategies with your sales and customer service teams, and keep track of market advances and product reviews to share with your R&D team.

Designed for deep media intelligence use-cases

  • Zero latency for immediate insights and rapid response

    Receive real-time updates with zero latency. Via SemanticForce's responsive and intuitive dashboard, you'll receive messages and insights the moment they appear online. Not only that, you'll be able to reply immediately to mentions directly via the dashboard, allowing you to level up your customer service capabilities.
  • Leverage archived data to track trends and flag anomalies

Advanced filtering capabilities

  • Combine multiple layers and search forms to gain the widest picture possible

    Filter by contexts, sentiment, geography, persons, organizations and many other options to drill down into the details you need to plan your next business move. See how your brand is performing at country, city or even town levels. Discover how individuals or organizations are responding to your services. Whatever your need, with SemanticForce you can respond to it.
  • SmartBar suggestions make searching more intuitive

Content types and integrations

  • Unparalleled variety of data for holistic business insights

    The SemanticForce platform brings together the widest possible range of data, from articles, star ratings, reviews and comments through to ads, pricing data and disinformation. By combining all of this data, along with easily imported internal data on sales and customer support, you get highly accurate business insights to enhance your decision making.
  • Integrations to the tools your team is using

Proprietary visualization components

  • Visualizations to make complex data accessible and understandable

    It can be a challenge to understand and present the complex data generated by deep listening tools like SemanticForce. Our proprietary visualization components make data on sentiment, virality and narratives easy to understand, explain, and share.
  • Conduct granular analyses at a glance with ALSA visualization

  • Easily monitor stories relevant to your brand or organisation with our proprietary Virality Graph

Adaptive to any device or screen resolution

  • Display data on any screen thanks to device and resolution responsiveness

    SemanticForce's display is responsive based on device size, so you and your team can comfortably use it on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and smart TVs. This opens up new uses for the data SemanticForce gathers, for example having customer reviews pop-up live on TVs within a restaurant.

Flexible data and report exporting

  • Build PDFs and Excel documents in a couple of clicks

    SemanticForce is designed to make it as easy and simple as possible to share and present the insights it generates. In a few clicks, you can build visually-engaging reports in PDF, and detailed Excel documents containing precisely the data you want.
  • Export your dashboard data smoothly and quickly using JSON


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